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Cool Timeline is a responsive WordPress pure HTML & CSS Timeline Plugin that allows you to create beautiful vertical history timeline. You simply create posts, set images and date then Cool Timeline will automatically populate these posts in chronological order, based on the year and date. You can easily show timeline on any page of your website using shortcode –

[ cool-timeline ]

You can show your events, appointments, concerts, stories, future & history happenings using Cool Timeline plugin on your site.

Check Cool Timeline Demos

Cool Timeline Pro Demos | Cool Timeline Free Demo

Full Short-Code of Cool Timeline

 [ cool-timeline layout="default" animation="FadeInOut" date-format="F j" icons="YES" show-posts="10" ] 

Learn More About Short-Code | Check Timeline Installation Guide

Cool Timeline Plugin Features

You can create a cool history/events timeline inside your website with our advanced options – custom colors, fonts, icons, date-format and beautiful animation effects. Here are some cool features of our plugin:-

  • Create both-sided/one-sided timeline
  • Show timeline images in pop-up or link to full story
  • Choose cool icons along with stories
  • Specify story background custom colors
  • Specify year circle custom color
  • You can specify different colors for story posts title
  • Show read more button for full story page
  • Show stories in DESC/ASC order
  • Easy to use shortcode to place the cool timeline wherever your heart desires ( [ cool-timeline ] )
  • Translation ready and translated in 4 languages (German, French, Indonesian & Italian)
  • TinyMCE button to generate the shortcode
  • Responsive and mobile ready timeline

Cool Timeline Pro Features

To make it more cool we have enhanced our plugin by adding many advanced design features in pro version – multiple design options, animation effects, horizontal timeline support, create multiple timelines, facebook timeline and more. Here you can check our pro features:-

  • Use as Visual Composer addon
  • Convert blog posts into blog timeline
  • Create beautiful horizontal content slider timeline
  • Create social timeline using Facebook page
  • Create horizontal timeline
  • Many beautiful animation effects
  • Create multiple timeline stories based on story categories
  • Historical dates – (starting from 1000)
  • Multiple timeline skins (light, dark & multicolor)
  • Multiple timeline designs (Flat, Elegant, Classic)
  • Beautiful timeline scrolling navigation
  • Add slider & video inside timeline stories
  • Stories category management
  • Story single page
  • Advanced style and design options

Where can you use Cool Timeline plugin?

You can show history/future stories, events, appointments and many other cool things using our Cool Timeline plugin. Here are all areas where you can use this plugin:-

  • Represent your company story
  • Showcase tutorial/process steps in timeline format
  • Create a program timeline
  • Timeline is best way to represent history
  • Create events / appointments timeline
  • Life stories / achievements timeline
  • Personal story timeline
  • Convert your Facebook page feed into Facebook timeline

We have tried our best to create an awesome timeline plugin but still if you face any installation, coding or design error, you can contact us anytime. Also remember to try our timeline pro version for extra cool features and design options.

Buy Cool Timeline Pro | Check Timeline Pro Documentation

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