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How to install Cool Timeline plugin & create timeline?

Please check – plugin installation guide or Cool Timeline Pro documentation

Can I choose any historical date/year?

Year starts from 1970 in free version but in pro version you can choose any historical year from 1000 to 2050 for creating a story inside Cool Timeline.

What is plugin short-code & how can we use it?

Here is full short-code of Cool Timeline plugin

[ cool-timeline layout=”default” animation=”FadeInOut” date-format=”Y-m-d” icons=”YES” show-posts=”3″ ]

  • [ cool-timeline ] = It is our default short-code syntax.
  • layout = We have three layout options (default, one-side and simple). In simple timeline you can create a timeline without bigger year circle in between the stories.
  • animation = We have only 1 animation effect (FadeInOut) in Cool Timeline free version. You can purchase pro for more effects.
  • date-format = You can choose any date-format to show with the stories according to your language and requirements.
  • icons = You can show(YES/NO) cool icons along with timeline stories.
  • show-posts = If you have a large timeline with a lot of stories then you can use this option to show pagination option after a number of stories.

Can I see online demo?

Yes, Check free version demo at – http://free.cooltimeline.com

For Pro demo please check – http://www.cooltimeline.com/#cool-demos

Can I convert my blog posts into timeline?

No, This facility is only available in Timeline PRO version. You can only create a blog/content timeline using Cool Timeline Pro

Can I create multiple timelines based on different categories?

Timeline category option is only available in our Pro version so you need to purchase pro if you want to create category specific multiple timelines.

Can I choose custom colors and fonts?

Yes, You can choose 2 custom colors and any font-family from our font-list according to your website style. These colors will automatically apply on all of your timeline stories in an alternative way.

Can I hide bigger circular year circle?

Yes, You need to select “simple” layout while adding the short-code. In this shortcode you can create a timeline by hiding bigger year circle.

What is facebook timeline?

This is our PRO feature. You can show your Facebook page feed on your website in a timeline format by using Cool Timeline Pro plugin.

Is it possible to create both horizontal & vertical timeline?

You can only create vertical timeline in our free version. But We have cool design options to create both vertical and horizontal timeline in our Pro version.

Do you have any support email for extra questions?

Yes, You can contact us anytime at here – contact@cooltimeline.com. We will try to provide an answer with in 24 hours.

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