STEVE JOBS (1955-2011)

STEVE JOBS (1955-2011)
October 5

Steve Jobs Passes Away

Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs died at age 56 from pancreatic cancer, the company announced Thursday, leaving the technology giant without its visionary. As Patricia Sullivan reported : Steve Jobs, a co-founder of Apple Inc., who introduced simple, well-designed computers for people who were more interested in what technology could do than in how it was done, died Wednesday at age 56.
March 2

Announces IPad2 Launch

Apple launches the iPad 2, a sleeker, lighter version of its tablet with a new dual-core processor, two cameras and, for the first time, it comes in either white or black.
January 27

Unveils IPad

Steve Jobs unveils iPad, the much-anticipated Apple tablet.
January 15

Introduces MacBook Air

Steve Jobs introduces the world’s thinnest notebook, the MacBook Air, at Macworld.
January 9

Introduces IPhone

Steve Jobs introduces Apple TV and iPhone at Macworld. Apple Computer becomes Apple Inc.